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Best Practice Camel Book

An illustrated guide to the 2012 Australian Standard, Model Code of Practice and Standard Operating Procedures relevant to the humane control of feral camels

Mel Feldmuller, Phil Gee, John Pitt and Leah Feuerherdt (Eds.)

Best practice camel book

This book is an illustrated reference of the Australian Standard and Guidelines for the land transport of camels, The Code of Practice for the humane control of feral camels; and Standard Operating Procedures for mustering and ground shooting of feral camels.

It uses over 150 cartoons, drawings, diagrams, and photographs to illustrate the text and make the content more accessible. An introduction has been added which describes camel handling hazards, camel body condition scoring, and ways to identify camel bulls in rut and camel cows in late pregnancy.


Best practice camel cartoons 


Extent: 122 pages

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Format 1:     Spiral bound paperback, laminated throughout
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Format 3:     Spiral bound paperback, not laminated
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