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Vegetation Management

Adapting to change…

Vegetation management is becoming increasingly important as we realise impacts of past actions and experience current variability of the climate. By appropriately planning and use of innovative design methods and products, Local governments and communities can solve current issues and plan for the future.

The Challenges

  • How do I correctly select trees for new plantings?
  • How can I manage existing trees to avoid risks to the community?
  • How do I recognise valuable flora to maintain biodiversity?
  • How do I manage weeds effectively?
  • How can I restore areas that have been damaged due to erosion?

The Solutions

Our Consultants are:

  • Innovative thinkers, developing new assessment programs and methodologies
  • Skilled in planning and management as well as on-ground works
  • Accredited by the Native Vegetation Council
  • Knowledgeable of legislation requirements
  • Passionate about meeting ecological, aesthetic, productive and community need
Woman conducting a vegetation assessment

Our Consultants are trained specialists with diverse expertise in:

  • Vegetation, Biodiversity and Ecological assessments
  • Native Vegetation Clearance assessments
  • Significant Tree assessments
  • Coastal management
  • Roadside management
  • Native vegetation and weed management
  • Landscape / Open Space Restoration and Design

Case Studies

Ask a Rural Solutions SA consultant to provide more information on the following case studies and others relevant to your needs:

  • Roadside Vegetation Surveys
  • Ecological value of urban areas
  • Assessing Street Trees
  • Coastal Management Plans

Roadside Vegetation Surveys

Roadside native vegetation is an important asset providing wildlife habitat, landscape connectivity and an amenity value for residents and tourists.

Issue: Balancing roadside vegetation management with community needs and legislative requirements

Solution: A roadside vegetation survey and management plan.

Rural Solutions SA has:
  • Developed a unique way to collect roadside vegetation data using GIS equipment, significantly increasing the efficiency of the process
  • Surveyed more than 2000km of roadside across a diverse range of vegetation types
  • Produced Native Vegetation Council endorsed management plans to:

    • Protect native roadside vegetation whilst providing a safe and functional road network
    • Plan and manage Council activities
    • Improve efficiency of works
    • Meet legislative requirements

Vegetation alongside an unsealed road. 
Roadside vegetation

Assessing Street Trees

If managed properly street trees can be a great asset providing shade and habitat, reducing electricity usage and increasing stormwater runoff capture.

Issue: If not managed properly street trees can create problems such as infrastructure damage and safety hazards

Solution: A street tree assessment

Rural Solutions SA has:
  • Developed an assessment program to map more than 7000 street trees
  • Effectively assessed each tree’s health and created a priority ranking regarding maintenance requirements
  • Provided recommended species list that can be used in future street plantings
  • Provided the council with a tool for tree asset management that will allow them to;

    • Efficiently and effectively manage street trees
    • Track and prioritise maintenance works
    • Adapt street tree planting to benefit Council, the environment and the community and build up resilience to climate change
Consultant assessing the health of a tree in Whyalla City Council. By assessing the street trees Rural Solutions SA was able to streamline the focus of management of their street trees.

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